Proceeding of International Conference on uHealthcare 2014

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On the behalf of the Organizing Committee, may I give a very warm welcome to uHealthcare 2014, which will be held in historical and beautiful city of Gwangju, KOREA, the hub of culture and the arts in the southwestern region of Korea.

Since our first conference ¡®uHealthcare 2004, this annual meeting has been the site for the communication and discussion of current progress on ubiquitous healthcare technologies. uHealthcare2014 is the 11th annual international conference mainly devoted for the promotion of ubiquitous-Healthcare based on rapidly progressing information related technologies. Enhancement in the welfare for future requires the change to the current healthcare system. Our concern for the healthcare is shifting from ¡°recovery from illness¡± to ¡°maintaining the wellness¡±. For the care of daily health level we need special kinds of methods and technologies that we can be applied into our daily life smoothly. In this point, u-Healthcare 2014 will provide an excellent opportunity for academic researchers and industrial representatives as well as decision makers to review and discuss the state-of-the-art and trends of u-Healthcare and related biomedical engineering supports.  


I would like to send a particular welcome to those of you who might be new to the u-Healthcare area. This conference offers a wonderful opportunity to understand the problems and exchange ideas about your work in organized sessions and also in an informal, relaxed setting.



Kwang Suk Park, Ph.D.


Seoul National University, KOREA


Toshiyo Tamura, Ph. D.


Osaka Electro-Communication University, JAPAN





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