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  International Biomedical Engineering Conference (November 2015, Gyeongju, Korea)   2015/11/26 3:23 pm

H.S.Jeon, H.J.Lee, H.Y.Park, W.W.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.B.Kim, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

Relative power distribution for tremor detection in Parkinson's disease

H.S.Kim, S.Y.Kim, Y.H.Kim, K.S.Park

Development of GUI program for objective assessment of facial nerve palsy

S.K.Kim, H.J.Lee, H.S.Jeon, H.B.Kim, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

Detection of unilateral tremor using directionality analysis

M.H.Chang, K.S.Park

Dynamic stopping for P300 classification with SWLDA and BLDA

W.K.Lee, H.N.Yoon, K.S.Park

Method of ballistocardiogram measurement for infants

S.J.Kwon, K.S.Park

STEMYNA: A smartphone application for cardiorespiratory endurance evaluation in daily environment

S.Y.Sim, K.M.Joo, H.B.Kim, K.S.Park

Estimation of core body temperature from heart rate monitoring based on multiple regression analysis

H.J.Lee, J.S.Lee, K.S.Park

The estimation of blood pressure groups using self-pressure of finger on PPG

H.B.Kim, H.J.Lee, W.W.Lee, S.J.Kwon, S.K.Kim, H.S.Jeon, H.Y.Park, C.W.Shin, W.J.Yi, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

Evaluation of smartphone feature combination to detect freezing of gait

H.N.Yoon, S.H.Hwang, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Increased variation in blood pressure during REM sleep detected from ballistocardiogram

D.W.Jung, H.N.Yoon, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome diagnosis using quantitative analysis of sleep macrostructure

J.Heo, S.Y.Sim, S.Hong, S.H.Choi, Y.J.Kim, S.K.Ko, I.J.Hong, S.Kim, K.S.Park

A smart health monitoring wheelchair for nonintrusive measurement of biological signals

J.H.Kim, C.H.Choi, S.H.Lee, C.M.Han, K.S.Park

EEG based human identification using eye blinking signals

S.Hong, Y.H.Yu, D.S.Kim, K.S.Park

The effect of hypoxia on the cerebral blood oxygenation of gerbil measured by functional near-infrared spectroscopy

D.S.Lee, S.J.Kwon, J.H.Kim, K.S.Park

Novel noise reduction algorithm for electrocardiography for wearable devices

S.H.Choi, S.H.Hong, H.B.Kwon, K.S.Park

EEG-based drowsiness detection using SVM algorithm

K.M.Joo, H.N.Yoon, D.W.Jung, S.H.Choi, H.B.Kwon, D.S.Lee, K.S.Park

Classification method for detecting the deep sleep in human sleep based on machine learning

M.J.Koh, S.Y.Shim, K.M.Joo, H.B.Kim, K.S.Park

Possibility of thermal comfort estimation with wrist skin temperature

H.B.Kwon, S.Hong, S.H.Choi, K.S.Park

The measurement of Ear-EEG signals using dry electrodes


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