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  International BioMedical Engineering Conference 2014 Jointly with uHealthcare 2014 (November 2014, Gwangju, Republic of Korea)   2014/12/03 12:49 pm

H.S.Jeon, H.J.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.B.Kim, H.Y.Park, W.W.Lee, B.S.Jeon and K.S.Park

Estimation of a Distance of Pathologic Tremors in 3D Coordinates

H.S.Kim, M.H.Chang, J.Heo, H.J.Lee, J.J.Sung and K.S.Park

A Study on Long-Term Evaluation of Movement-based Brain-Computer Interface

S.K.Kim, K.K.Kim, C.S.Park, B.S.Jeon and K.S.Park

Phase Relationship Between Multiple Limbs in Parkinsonian Tremor

J.S.Lee, Y.G.Lim and K.S.Park

Patch-type Capacitive Coupled Electrode with Adhesive Polyurethane Pad

S.H.Hwang, H.N.Yoon, D.W.Jeong, S.W.Seo, S.H.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong and

Unconstrained Detection of Snoring with PVDF-film Sensor During Sleep

S.Y.Sim, K.M.Joo, H.B.Kim and K.S.Park

Estimation of Circadian Body Temperature Rhythm based on Heart Rate Observations

H.J.Lee, H.S.Jeon, H.B.Kim, S.K.Kim, W.W.Lee, H.Y.Park, B.S.Jeon and K.S.Park

SNUMAP System for Assessment of Tremor Severity in Parkinson’s disease

S.J.Kwon, S.W.Noh and K.S.Park

Smartphone-based Alarming System for Wheelchair Overturning Accident

W.K. Lee, Y.N.Ha, H.N.Yoon and K.S.Park

ECG Monitoring Patch for Non-invasive Assessment of ANS

H.B.Kim, H.J.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.S.Jeon, H.Y.Park, Y.J.Jung, B.S.Jeon and K.S.Park

Clinical Score Prediction in Essential Tremor using Clustering Analysis

H.N.Yoon, S.H.Hwang, W.K.Lee, D.W.Jung, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong and K.S.Park

Heart Rate Estimation in Ballistocardiogram Acquired from Various Sensors

D.W.Jung, S.K.Kim, S.H.Hwang, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong and K.S.Park

Unconstrained Estimation of Oxygen Desaturation Index using Cardiopulmonary
Coupling Analysis

J.Heo, J.S.Lee, M.H.Chang, H.N.Yoon and K.S.Park

Virtual Keyboard using Eye Blink Extracted from Forehead EOG

J.H.Kim, H.J.Baek, Y.G.Lim and K.S.Park

Helmet-based Capacitive EEG Monitoring System

S.H.Hong, H.J.Baek, J.Heo and K.S.Park

The Multi-channel Optical Device on a Chair for Unconstrained PPG

C.M.Han, H.N.Yoon and K.S.Park

Evaluation of EEG Personal Recognition considering Channel Configuration of
Commercial EEG Headset

S.W.Seo, S.H.Hwang, H.N.Yoon, D.W.Jung, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong and K.S.Park

Unconstrained Sleeping Posture Estimation using Load Cells: A Preliminary Study

D.S.Lee, J.H.Kim, S.J.Kwon and K.S.Park

Estimation of Influences of Distance on Extracting Facial Photoplethysmography from Video Image

S.H.Choi, S.H.Hwang, H.N.Yoon, D.W.Jung, S.W.Seo, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong and K.S.Park

Deep Sleep Estimation using Photoplethysmography Signal

K.M.Joo, S.Y.Sim, H.B.Kim and K.S.Park

The Effect of Coffee Intake on Heart Rate Variability in Habitual Coffee Drinkers in Daily Life


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