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  [2007]   2009/11/03 4:20 pm

1.       Y.K.Yim, W.C.Kang, J.H.Cho, J.W.Shin, N.H.Lee, S.M.Choi, S.T.Koo, K.S.Park, C.G.Son

[SCIE] Crossover Clinical Trial to Determine the Effect of Manual Acuuncture at Siguan Points (Bilateral LI4 and LR3) on Intestinal Motility in Healthy Subjects,
The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, Vol.35, No.2, pp.209-218, 2007

2.       B.R.Lee, K.S.Park, D.H.Kang, K.W.Kang, Y.Y.Kang, J.S.Kwon

[SCI] Generators of the gamma-band activities in response to rare and novel stimuli during the auditory oddball paradigm,
Neuroscience Letters, Vol. 413, No.3, pp.210-215, 2007

3.       J.S.Kim, J.W.Park, K.K.Kim, Y.J.Chee, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Development of a Nonintrusive Blood Pressure Estimation System for Computer Users,
Telemedicine and e-Health, Vol.13, No.1, pp.57-64, 2007

4.       B.H.Choi, J.W.Seo, J.M.Choi, H.B.Shin, J.Y.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Non-constraining sleep/wake monitoring system using bed actigraphy,
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, Vol.45, No.1, pp.107-114, 2007

5.       J.S.Oh, I.C.Song, J.S.Lee, H.J.Kang, K.S.Park, E.J.Kang, D.S.Lee

[SCI] Tractography-guided statistics(TGIS) in diffusion tensor imaging for the detection of gender difference of fiber integrity in the midsagittal and parasagittal corpora callosa,
Neuroimage, Vol.36, No.3, pp.606-616, 2007

6.       C.S.Park, K.K.Kim, J.M.Choi, K.S.Park

[SCI] Classification of glucose concentration in diluted urine using the low-resolution Raman spectroscopy and kernel optimization methods,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.28, No.5, pp.583-593, 2007

7.       Y.G.Lim, K.K.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCI] ECG Recording on a Bed During Sleep Without Direct Skin-Contact,
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol.54, No.4, pp.718-725, 2007

8.       J.S.Lee, M. Ito, K.S.Sim, B.S.Hong, K.S.Lee, J.Muhammad, J.T.Rhee, G.S.Lee, K.S.Park,
I.C.Song, S.J.Hong
[SCI] Investigation of solid-state photomultipliers for positron emission tomography scanners,
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Vol. 50, No 5, pp. 1332-1339, 2007

9.       J.M.Han, J.S.Kim, C.K.Chung, K.S.Park

Evaluation of smoothing in an iterative lp-norm minimization algorithm for surface-based source localization of MEG,
Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol.52, No.16, pp.4791-4803, 2007

10.     K.K.Kim, Y.G.Lim, J.S.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Effect of missing RR-interval data on heart rate variability analysis in the time domain,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.28, No.12, pp.1485-1494, 2007

11.     J.M.Choi, H.B.Lee, C.S.Park, S.H.Oh, K.S.Park

[SCI] PC-Based Tele-Audiometry,
Telemedicine and e-Health, Vol.13, No.5, pp.501-508, 2007

12.     Y.K.Yim, H.Lee, K.E.Hong, Y.I.Kim, S.K.Ko, J.E.Kim, S.Y.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Anti-inflammatory and Immune-regulatory Effects of Subcutaneous Perillae Fructus Extract Injections on OVA-induced Asthma in Mice (Advance Access Publication),
Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Vol.7, No.1, pp.79-86, 2010

13.     I.B.Lee, B.H.Choi, K.S.Park

[SCI] Robust measurement of ocular torsion using iterative Lucas-Kanade,
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Vol.85, No.3, pp.238-246, 2007


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