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  u-Healthcare 2006 (Sep 2006, Seoul, Korea)  2007/09/20

K.H.Hong, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park
Reproducibility to Get the Body Impedance Data with the Thigh-Thigh Electrical Current Path in Bio-Impedance Measurement
K.K.Kim, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park
Surface Electromyographic (S-EMG) Signal Measurement with Capacitive-Coupled Electrode
J.H.Shin, I.B.Lee, J.M.Han, J.M.Choi, Y.J.Chee, M.S.Lee, K.S.Park
The Assessment of Mental Workload with Pulse Arrival Time
B.O.Kim, R.H.Son, J.M.Choi, K.S.Park
Low-Power Wireless Sensor Module for Home Healthcare and Monitoring System
Y.S.Kim, M.S.Ryu, J.M.Choi, K.S.Park
Measurement of Soldier's ECG from an Army Helmet
H.B.Lee, J.M.Choi, B.O.Kim, K.S.Park
Objective Stress Assessment Using Non-Intrusive ECG Measurement for Drivers
B.H.Choi, H.B.Shin, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park
Assessment of Concordance between Bed Actigraphy and Actigraphy
H.B.Shin, D.U.Jung, B.H.Choi, K.S.Park, J.Y.Lee
Bed-Actigraphy: a New Tool for Bedtime Sleep-Wake Assessment
J.H.Han, H.J.Song, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park
Sleep Position Estimation in the Bedactigraphy by Frequency Analysis
Y.G.Lim, K.K.Kim, K.S.Park
The Indirect-Contact ECG through Clothes: the Electrical Properties of the Clothes
Y.J.Chee, J.H.Shin, K.S.Park
Non-Intrusive Measurement of Pulse Arrival Time for Home Sleeping Monitoring System

  World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (Sep 2006, Seoul, Korea)  2007/09/20

J.S.Kim, K.S.Park
Pulse Arrival Time in a Arrhythmia Patient
J.M.Choi, C.S.Park, K.S.Park, S.H.Oh
Self-Calibrating PC-Based Tele-Audiometry System for the Hearing Screening
H.S.Jeon, J.H.Han, K.S.Park, B.S.Jeon
Gait Parameters Analysis in Parkinson’s Disease Patients and Normal Persons using Plantar Pressures
M.J.Park, K.S.Park
Error Factors of Point Tracking in Facial Palsy Analyzer
J.M.Han, I.B.Lee, K.S.Park
Efficient Current Density Reconstruction from Spatio-Temporal EEG/MEG Based on Lp Norm Minimization
H.B.Shin, J.W.Kim, B.H.Choi, E.J.Kim, K.S.Park, D.U.Jeong
Nonlinear Analysis on the Human Electroencephalogram at Sleep Onset: Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
M.J.Park, K.S.Park
Comparison Point Tracking with Manual Tracking in Facial Palsy Analyzer
K.H.Hwang, J.S.Kim, K.S.Park, D.J.Choi, M.Yoon, W.S.Choe
Analysis of Photoplethysmographic Pulse Shape; A Preliminary Study
J.W.Kim, H.B.Shin, E.J.Kim, B.H.Choi, K.S.Park, D.U.Jeong
Scaling Properties of Electroencephalograms during Sleep Narcolepsy or Apnea
J.H.Han, J.B.Shin, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park
Obstructive Apnea Events Detection in Nasal Airflow Signal using Slope Analysis and Normal Breathing Estimation
B.S.Hwang, J.M.Choi, K.S.Park
Unobtrusive Activity Monitoring Based on the Multi-Modal Sensors

  3rd World Voice Congress (June 2006, Antalya, Turkey)  2007/09/20

J.M.Choi, T.K.Kwon, J.H.Ha, E.J.Jung, M.W.Sung, K.S.Park
New Perturbation Parameter - Glottal Closure Delay Ratio

  Eye Tracking Research & Applications (Mar 2006, San Diego, USA)  2007/09/20

I.B.Lee, K.S.Park
Perspective error compensation of pupillography using glint images

  Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Personalised Health Management Systems (2005, Ireland)  2007/09/20

H.G.Chun, J.M.Kang, K.J.Kim, K.S.Park et al.
IT-based Diagnostic Instrumentation Systems for Personalized Healthcare Services

  2005 International Conference of Biomedical Engineering (Dec 2005, Singapore)  2007/09/20

K.K.Kim, J.W.Park, J.S.Kim, Y.J.Chee, Y.K.Lim, K.S.Park
Unconstrained pulse arrival time (PAT) measurement using electrically non-contact ECG and air cushin with balancing tubes on a chair
J.S.Kim, Y.J.Chee, K.K.Kim, J.W.Park, K.S.Park
Development of unconstrained pulse arrival time monitoring system on a toilet seat

  The 3rd European Medical & Biological Engineering Conference (Nov 2005, Prague, Czech)  2007/09/20

J.M. Choi, B.H. Choi, J.W. Seo, J.S. Kim, Y.K. Lim, R.H. Sohn, M.S. Ryu, K.S. Park
Experimenal Evaluation of Home-based Ubiquitous Health Monitoring Using Bluetooth and Internet
K.H Hong, Y.K Lim, K.S Park
Measuring Impedance with a Thigh-to-Thigh Pathway : Isn't it a Possible Method to Monitor One's Body Impedance?

  u-Healthcare 2005 (Nov 2005, Japan)  2007/09/20

Y.K.Lim, K.K.Kim, K.S.Park, D.U.Jeong
ECG Recording on a bed during sleep with indirect-skin-contact electrodes
Y.J Chee, K.S Park
A novel sleep monitoring system using air mattress with balancing tube for home healthcare
K.S Park, Y.J Chee, J.S Kim, J.W Park, K.K Kim, Y.K Lim
Blood pressure estimation in daily life using non-intrusive measurement of pulse arrival time

  BMES 2005 (Sep 2005, Baltimore, USA)  2007/09/20

Y.K.Lim, K.K.Kim, K.S.Park
Measurement of ECG Using Capacitive Type Electrode for the Nonintrusive Activity Monitoring

  The 27th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS (Sep 2005, Shanghai, China)  2007/09/20

K.K.Kim, Y.K.Lim, K.S.Park
Common mode noise cancellation for electrically non-contact ECG measurement system on a chair
K.K.Kim, Y.K.Lim, K.S.Park, Y.J.Chee, J.W.Park, J.S.Kim
A preliminary study for unconstrained pulse arrival time(PAT) measurement on a chair
J.W.Park, Y.K.Lim, K.S.Park, Y.J.Chee, J.S.Kim, K.K.Kim
Unconstrained pulse transit time measurement system for computer users
C.S.Park, J.M.Choi, K.S.Park
Urine analysis on diluted situation using low-resolution raman spectroscope
I.B.Lee, K.S.Park
Measurement of ocular torsion using iterative Lucas-Kanade optical flow method

  ATA 2005 (Apr 2005, USA)  2007/09/20

J.M.Choi, B.H.Choi, J.W.Seo, R.H.Sohn, M.S.Ryu, K.S.Park
Ubiquitous Health Monitoring in the Bedroom using a Bluetooth Network

  APCMBE 2005 (Apr 2005, Tsukuba, Japan)  2007/09/20

J.K.Kim, J.W.Seo, M.S.Ryu, K.S.Park
Reconstruction of respiration signals from photoplethysmographic signal
J.W.Park, J.S.Kim, M.S.Ryu, K.S.Park
Photoplethysmographic signal variability according to the contacting force at a femoral artery
H.S.Jeon, J.M.Choi, R.H.Sohn, K.S.Park
Activity Monitering in the house using flame sensor
Y.J.Chee, K.S.Park, J.W.Yoon
Unconstrained measurement of respiration movement and heart beat using air mattress with balancing tube
B.H.Choi, I.B.Lee, J.M.Hwang, K.S.Park
The Implementation of Digital Pupillography System
J.M.Choi, J.S.Kim, J.W.Park, C.S.Park, H.S.Jeon, R.H.Sohn, M.S.Ryu, K.S.Park,
Unconstrained behavioral monitoring system at home
K.K.Kim, Y.K.Lim, K.S.Park
An application of electrically non-contact ecg measurement on a chair : Heart rate variability during computer game involving mental activity

  IASTED conference on Biomedical Engineering (Feb 2005, Innsbruck, Austria)  2007/09/20

J.H.Han H.B.Shin, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park
Sleep apnea detection by slope analusis

  u-Healthcare 2004 (October 2004, Seoul, Korea)  2007/09/20

Y.K.Lim, K.K.Kim, K.S.Park
The Electrically Non-contacting ECG Measurement in Daily Life
D.U.Jeong, H.B.Shin, J.W.Seo, J.M.Choi, B.H.Choi, K.S.Park
Non-Constraining Wake/Sleep Stage Detection Using Loadcell As Body Actigraph

  The 8th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (October 2004, Jeju, Korea)  2007/09/20

J.M.Choi, J.H.Han, M.W.Sung, K.S.Park
A Comparison of the Perturbation Analysis between PRAAT and Computerize Speech Lab.

  XXXI. ESAO (September 2004, Warsaw, Poland)  2007/09/20

J.W.Park, K.S.Park
Non-Invasive Monitoring of Oxygen Saturation for Artificial Organ Recipient with Bluetooth Communication
J.S.Kim, K.S.Park
Non-invasive Monitoring of Arterial Blood Volume using Photo-Plethysmography Method with Wireless Bluetooth

  The 26th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS (September 2004, San Francisco, USA)  2007/09/20

J.M.Choi, B.H.Choi, J.W.Seo, R.H.Sohn, M.S.Ryu, W.J.Yi, K.S.Park
A System for Ubiquitous Health Monitoring in the Bedroom via a Bluetooth Network and Wireless LAN
J.S.Kim, J.W.Park, M.S.Ryu, K.S.Park
Multi-channel measurement of photo-plethysmography and evaluation for the optimal site of a thigh in a toilet
K.K.Kim, Y.K.Lim, K.S.Park
The electrically Non-contacting ECG Measurement on the Toilet Seat Using the Capacitively-coupled insulated Electrodes
Y.K.Lim, K.K.Kim, K.S.Park
The ECG Measurement in the Bathtub Using the Insulated Electrode
H.J.Kong, S.K.Kim, J.M.Seo, K.S.Park, H.Chung, H.C.Kim
Three Dimensional Reconstruction of Conventional Stereo Optic Disc Image
S.Y.Lee, K.K.Kim, J.M.Seo, D.M.Kim, H.Chung, K.S.Park, H.C.Kim
Automated Quantification of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Atrophy in Fundus Photograph
I.B.Lee, K.S.Park
Measurement of ocular torsion using digital fundus image
J.M.Han, K.S.Park
Regularized FOCUSS algorithm for EEG/MEG source imaging

  Mongolia-Korea Biomedical Engineering Conference (July 2004, Ulanbaataar, Mongolia)  2007/09/20

K.S.Park, J.W.Seo, J.M.Choi, J.H.Han, K.H.Hong, D.U.Jeong
24 Hours Health Monitoring at Home without Interrupting Patient's Normal Daily Activities

  The 43th annual Conference of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (May 2004, Kanazawa, JAPAN)  2007/09/20

K.S.Park, J.W.Seo, J.M.Choi, J.H.Han, K.H.Hong, D.U.Jeong
Ubiquitous Health Monitoring in Normal Apartment Style House

  The 2nd Sleep Respiration Forum (January 2004,Okinawa, Japan)  2007/09/20

D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park
Measurements and Analyses of Respiration: Some Methodological Considerations

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