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  CIBEC2010 (Dec 2010, Cairo, Egypt)  2010/11/16

H.J.Baek, S.Y.Sim, J.S.Kim, K.S.Park

Effect of Sensor Configurations on Indirect-Contact Photoplethysmogram Measurement System

M.H.Chang, H.S.Kim, K.S.Park

The Effect of Contrast Enhancement on Familiar Face Recognition with Simulating Prosthetic Vision

  uHealthcare2010 (Oct 2010, Jeju, Korea)  2010/10/11

J.S.Lee, G.S.Chung, S.H.Hwang, K.S.Park

The Development of an Unconstrained Sensor for Simultaneous Acquisition of ECG and BCG during Sleep

S.H.Hwang, G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, K.S.Park

Sleep/Wake Estimation Only Using Electromyography

S.K.Kim, G.S.Chung, S.H.Hwang, H.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

Effect of Sleep Stages on Exhalation-Inhalation Time Ratio in Respiration

H.J.Baek, G.S.Chung, K.S.Park

Ubiquitous Healthcare House: Seven Years of Experience in Development, Implementation and Evaluation

G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, S.H.Hwang, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

Automatic Snoring Detection Algorithm Using Smart Phone

H.S.Jeon, S.K.Kim, W.J.Yi, B.S.Jeon, J.H.Han, K.S.Park

Gait Assessment for Parkinson’s Patients using Spatial-Temporal Image Correlation

S.M.Lee, E.K.Choi, S.I.Oh, K.S.Park

A Novel Method to Quantify Cardiac Autonomic Nerve Activity: Preliminary Study for Quantification of HRV

H.R.Ryu, M.W.Sung, K.S.Park, S.W.Kang

The Development and Application RTLS Based on RFID to Medical Check-up Center

K.H.Hong, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

Body Impedance Measurements using Capacitive-coupled Sensing Electrodes: A Preliminary Study

J.H.Shin, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

ECG Signal Monitoring from Plantar Areas using Capacitive Coupled Electrodes on the Clothes

H.J.Lee, S.M.Lee, K.M.Lee, K.S.Park

Detection Algorithm of Sleep Posture using Capacitive-Coupled Electrodes

K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, H.J.Lee, K.S.Park

Brachial Blood Pressure Monitoring Armband Using Pulse Arrival Time

S.Y.Sim, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park

Investigation of Measuring Core Body Temperature using Dual-Heat-Flux Thermometer

  EMBC 2010 (August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina)  2010/09/13

G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, S.H.Hwang, Y.K.Lim, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Wakefulness Estimation Only Using Ballistocardiogram: Nonintrusive Method for Sleep Monitoring

Y.G.Lim, G.S.Chung, K.S.Park

Capcitive Driven-right-leg Grounding in Indirect-contact ECG Measyrement

  15th World Congress of Psychophysiology (August 2010, Budapest, Hungary)  2010/08/30

G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, S.H.Hwang, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Abrupt increase in heart rate during the transition from non-REM sleep to wakefulness and its utility for estimating sleep stages

S.H.Hwang, J.S.Lee, G.S.Chung, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Estimation of cardiopulmonary coupling by ECG-derived respiration signals during sleep

  The 49th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (June 2010, Osaka, Japan)  2010/08/30

K.S.Park, K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, D.U.Jeong

Armband for Monitoring of Continuous Blood Pressure

  ITAB2009 (Nov 2009, Larnaca, Cyprus)  2009/10/12

J.S.Lee, G.S.Chung, H.J.Baek, Y.G.Lim, J.S.Lee, K.S.Park

A New Approach of Unconstrained Sleep Monitoring and Pulse Transit Time Extraction using PPG Pillow and CC-ECG Electrode System

M.H.Chang, H.S.Kim, J.H.Shin, K.S.Park

A Comparison of Text Reading Speed using Square and Rectangular Arrays for Visual Prosthesis

  uHealthcare2009 (Oct 2009, Osaka, Japan)  2009/10/07

H.J.Baek, H.S.Jeon and K.S.Park

A Support Vector Machine Approach for Detecting Driver's Stress State using Biological Signals during Real-World Driving Tasks

J.H.Shin, K.S.Park

Preliminary Study of Daily Activity Monitoring using Motion Sensors for Elderly People Living Alone

K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park

Can Arterial Blood Pressure be Estimated from Morphological Parameters of Electrocardiogram?

H.S.Jeon, S.K.Kim, J.H.Han, W.J.Yi, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

SVDD Application for Parkinsonian Gait Monitoring

  The 6th Congress of Asian Sleep Research Society (Oct 2009, Osaka, Japan)  2009/10/07


Noncontact home sleep monitoring system for cardiorespiratory and actigraphic signal


A new approach of unconstrained monitoring during sleep using PPG pillow system

  Computers in Cardiology 2009 (Sept 2009, Utah, USA)  2009/09/16

K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, K.S.Sim, K.K.Kim and K.S.Park

Noise Reduction for Non-Contact Electrocardiogram Measurement in Daily Life

  EMBC 2009 (Sept 2009, Minnesota, USA)  2009/09/16


Nonintrusive Measurement of Biological Signals for Ubiquitous Healthcare

  World Congress 2009 (Sept 2009, Munich, Germany)  2009/09/16

K.K.Kim, Y.G.Lim and K.S.Park

Statistical Properties of Heart Rate Variavility Parameters in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

H.S.Kim, J.H.Shin and K.S.Park

Spatiotemporal Pixelization Method Based on Vertical Sub-sampling to Improve Reading Ability for Visual Prosthesis

S.K.Kim, H.S.Jeon, J.H.Han, Y.J.Choi, B.S. Jeon, W.J.Yi and K.S.Park

Measurement System of Hand Tapping Capacity for Quantitative Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

  pHealth 2009 (Jun 2009, Oslo, Norway)  2009/07/03

H.J.Baek, J.S.Kim, K.K.Kim and K.S.Park

Advanced Systems and Methods of Unconstrained Blood Pressure Monitoring for Personal Healthcare

H.S.Jeon, J.H.Han, S.K.Kim, B.S.Jeon, W.J.Yi and K.S.Park

Multiclass SVM Application for Parkinsonian Gait Recognition using Wearable Plantar Pressure System

S.M.Lee, K.S.Sim, K.K.Kim, Y.G.Lim and K.S.Park

ECG Measurement using Flexible Capacitive Coupled Active Electrode

  Biosignal Interpretation (BSI) 2009 (Jun 2009, Yale Univ., USA)  2009/07/03

J.H.Shin and K.S.Park

Electromyogram Noise Cancellation for Plantar Electrocardiogram using a Non-invasively Measured Ballistocardiogram

  Sleep 2009 (Jun 2009, Seattle, USA)  2009/07/03

G.S.Chung, B.H.Choi, Y.G.Lim, D.U.Jeong and K.S.Park

Automatic REM sleep detection based on respiratory physiology

  uHealthcare 2008 (Oct 2008, Busan, Korea)  2008/11/06

H. J. Baek, J. S. Kim, K. K. Kim, K. H. Hong, K. S. Park

Unconstrained Vital Signs Monitoring on a Toilet Seat

G. S. Chung, B. H. Choi, K. K. Kim, D. U. Jeong, K. S. Park

Estimating REM Sleep from Respiratory Patterns in Normal Subjects

B. H. Choi, G. S. Chung, D. U. Jeong, K. S. Park

Unobtrusively Light/Deep Sleep Estimation using BACT

J. H. Shin, K. M. Lee, K. S. Park

Non-invasive Measurement of Cardiovascular Activity Changes using Anterio-Posterior Ballistocardiograph (BCG) from Air-mattress

S. M. Lee, K. K. Kim, Y. J. Cho, E. K. Choi, Y. G. Lim, S. I. Oh, K. S. Park

One Side Body Surface Potential Mapping System using Multi Capacitive-Coupled Electrodes

J. H. Han, H. S. Jeon, W. J. Yi, B. S. Jeon, K. S. Park

Gait Disturbance Assessment of Parkinsonism using Wearable Gait Monitoring System

H. S. Jeon, J. H. Han, W. J. Yi, B. S. Jeon, K. S. Park

Machine Learning Approach for Recognition of Pathological Gait in Parkinson Patients

  EMBC 2008 (Aug 2008, Vancouver, Canada)  2008/07/23

K. H. Hong, K. S. Park

The Influence of Urine Volume on Body Impedance Measurement

J. H. Shin, B. H. Choi, Y. K. Lim, D. U. Jeong, K. S. Park

Automatic Ballistocardiogram (BCG) Beat Detection Using a Template Matching Approach

S. M. Lee. Kim, K. K. Kim, K. S. Park

Wavelet Approach to Artifact Noise Removal from Capacitive Coupled Electrocardiograph

H. S. Jeon, J. H. Han, W J Yi, B. S. Jeon, K. S. Park

Classification of Parkinson and Normal Gait Using Spatial-Temporal Image of Plantar Pressure

H. J. Baek, J. S. Kim, K. K. Kim, K. S. Park

System for Unconstrained ECG Measurement on a Toilet Seat Using Capacitive Coupled Electrodes: The Efficacy and Practicality

  ITAB 2008 (May 2008, Shenzhen, China)  2008/04/21

K. K. Kim, K. S. Park

Effective Coupling Impedance for Power Line Interference in Capacitive-Coupled ECG Measurement System

J. S. Kim, K. K. Kim, H. J. Baek, K. S. Park

Comparable Parameter Related to Arterial Stiffness in Blood Pressure Estimation Method

  ICCIT 2007 (Nov 2007, Gyeongju, Korea)  2007/11/24

K. K. Kim, Y. G. Lim, J. S. Kim, K. S. Park

Capacitive-Coupled ECG Measurement and Its Applications for Ubiquitous Healthcare

G. S. Chung, B. H. Choi, K. K. Kim, Y. G. Lim, J. W. Choi, D. U. Jeong, K. S. Park

Unconstrained Heart Rate Estimation System in Bed

  ITAB 2007 (Nov 2007, Tokyo, Japan)  2007/11/06

J. H. Han, H. W. Kim, S. J. Kim and K. S. Park
   Indoor Activity Monitoring System Using an Accelerometer and Zigbee
H. B. Lee, J. S. Kim, Y. S. Kim, H. J. Baek, M. S. Ryu and K. S. Park
   The Relationship Between HRV Parameters and Stressful Driving Situation
   in the Real Road
H. J. Baek, J. S. Kim, Y. S. Kim, H. B. Lee and K. S. Park
   Second Derivative of Photoplethysmography for Estimation Vascular Aging
S. M. Jin, I. B. Lee, J. M. Han, K. S. Park
   Visually-Salient Region Detection in the Pixelized Image using Context-Based Model
Y. S. Kim, H. B. Lee, J. S. Kim, H. J. Baek, M. S. Ryu and K. S. Park
   ECG, EOG Detection from Helmet Based System
G. S. Chung, B. H Choi, K. K. Kim, Y. G. Lim, J. W. Choi, D. U. Jeong and K. S. Park
   REM Sleep Classification with Respiration Rates
J. H. Shin, G. S. Chung, K. K. Kim, J. S. Kim, B. S. Hwang and K. S. Paek
   Ubiquitous House and Uncnstrained Monitoring Devices for Home Healthcare System

  Computers in Cardiology 2007 (Sep 2007, Durham, USA)  2007/09/27

K. K. Kim, K. S. Park

Comparison of Interpolation Methods on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Spectral Analysis of Intermittent RR-Interval Data

J. H. Shin, K. H. Hong, K. K. Kim, K. S. Park

The Estimation of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in Ballistocardiogram (BCG)

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