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  IEEE International Conference on SMC (Oct 2012, Seoul, Korea)  2012/09/10

H.J.Baek, H.J.Lee, Y.G.Lim, and K.S.Park

Investigations of capacitively-coupled EEG electrode for use in brain-computer interface

  BBCI2012 (Sep 2012, Berlin, Germany)  2012/09/10

H.S.Kim, H.J.Baek, J.Heo, and K.S.Park

Comparison of frequency recognition methods for detection of steady-state visual evoked potential

J.Heo, H.J.Baek, S.H.Hong, and K.S.Park

A new approach to the sonorous auditory brain computer interface using music as a stimuli

S.H.Hong, J.M.Lee, and K.S.Park

LED/PIN diode-based fNIRS system with peak forward current modulation

J.H.Kim, M.H.Chang, H.J.Lee, Y.Oh, J.Jeong, D.kim, and K.S.Park

Visually Evoked Response and Epileptic Brain Wave Response of Sprague-Dawley Rats Using Dry-Capacitive Electrodes

H.J.Baek, H.S.Kim, Y.G.Lim, and K.S.Park

Application of polymer foam-based capacitively-coupled EEG electrodes for SSVEP-based Bremen BCI

M.H.Chang and K.S.Park

Steady-state visual evoked potential to dual-frequency stimulation for brain-computer interface

J.S.Lee and K.S.Park

Enhancing SSVEP responses using dual harmonic frequency stimulation

  IEEE-EMB/CAS/SMC Workshop on Brain-Machine-Body Interfaces (Aug 2012, San Diego, USA)  2012/09/04

S.Y.Sim, Y.K.Lim, and K.S.Park

Preliminary study of designing a new structure of thermometer for deep body temperature machine interface

  EMBC2012 (Aug 2012, San Diego, USA)  2012/08/08

S.J.Kwon, H.S.Kim, and K.S.Park

Validation of heart rate extraction using video imaging on a built-in camera system of a smartphone

S.Y.Sim, W.K.Lee, H.J.Baek and K.S.Park

A nonintrusive temperature measuring system for estimating deep body temperature in bed

  IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI) (Jan 2012, Hongkong and Shenzhen, China)  2012/01/16

W.K.Lee, G.S.Chung, H.J.Baek, and K.S.Park

Heart sounds measurement using PVDF film sensor and their comparison with RR intervals of ECG signals

D.W.Jung, G.S.Chung, S.H.Hwang, and K.S.Park

Estimation of Sleep Onset Latency based on the Correlation between Blood Pressure and Heart Beat Interval

  Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS) (Nov 2008, Singapore)  2011/11/28

Y.J.Cho, S.M.Lee, E.K.Choi, K.S.Park, S.I.Oh, and Y.S.Choi

Posterior Body Surface Potential Mapping with Capacitive Coupled Electrodes and its Potential Application in Clinical Use

  2nd Annual AMA-IEEE Medical Technology Conference (Oct 2011, Boston, USA)  2011/10/28

S.M.Lee, E.K.Choi, J.H.Han, S.Oh, and K.S.Park

Relationship Between Heart Rate Variability and Sympathovagal Activity

H.S.Kim, H.J.Baek, and K.S.Park

A Real-time Non-contact Heart Rate Monitoring Application Using Photoplethysmography Imaging

S.K.Kim, H.S.Jeon, B.S. Jeon, W.J.Yi, and K.S.Park

Amplitude-related Changes in Phase Synchronization Between Both Hands in Parkinsonian Tremor

S.H.Hwang, G.S.Chung, H.N.Yoon, S.Lee, D.Jeong, and K.S.Park

Deep Non Deep Distinction with HRV Based Method

H.B.Kim, H.N.Yoon, H.J.Baek, S.H.Hwang, and K.S.Park

Adaptive Motion Artifact Cancellation Using Acceleration and EMG Signals

  uHealthcare2011 (Sep 2011, Shiga, Japan)  2011/09/02

J.Heo, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park

Forehead EOG Signal Measurement for Cap-based Human-Computer Interface

H.J.Baek, J.Heo, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

12-lead ECG Derivation using Four Capacitive EASI-lead Electrodes

H.J.Lee, S.M.Lee, S.H.Hwang, H.N.Yoon, K.S.Park

Sleep Posture Estimation from Capacitively Measured 12-Channel ECG

H.N.Yoon, G.S.Chung, S.H.Hwang, S.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Deep and Light Sleep Estimation with BCG Signal HRV using Support Vector Machine

J.M.Lee, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park

Oxygen Saturation Monitoring Without Direct Skin Contact: Preliminary Study

  EMBC2011 (Aug 2011, Boston, USA)  2011/09/02

H.S.Jeon, S.K.Kim, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

Distance estimation from acceleration for quantitative evaluation of parkinson tremor

S.J.Kwon, J.S.Lee, G.S.Chung, K.S.Park

Validation of heart rate extraction through an iPhone accelerometer

S.Y.Sim, H.S.Jeon, G.S.Chung, S.K.Kim, S.J.Kwon, W.K.Lee, K.S.Park

Fall detection algorithm for the elderly using acceleration sensors on the shoes

  BIOSTEC2011 (Jan 2011, Rome, Italy)  2010/11/16

H.J.Lee, S.M.Lee, K.M.Lee, K.S.Park

Performance Evaluation of Electrocardiogram Measured using Capacitive Textiles on a Bed

K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, G.S.Chung, H.J.Lee, Y.G.Li,m, K.S.Park

Portable Device to Monitor Autonomic Nervous System Activity through Clothes

S.Y.Sim, H.J.Baek, G.S.Chung, K.S.Park

An Approach of Reducing Measure Time of Noninvasive Thermometer: Application of Curve-Fitting Method and Autoregressive Model for Reducing the Measure Time of Dual-Heat-Flux-Thermometer

  CIBEC2010 (Dec 2010, Cairo, Egypt)  2010/11/16

H.J.Baek, S.Y.Sim, J.S.Kim, K.S.Park

Effect of Sensor Configurations on Indirect-Contact Photoplethysmogram Measurement System

M.H.Chang, H.S.Kim, K.S.Park

The Effect of Contrast Enhancement on Familiar Face Recognition with Simulating Prosthetic Vision

  uHealthcare2010 (Oct 2010, Jeju, Korea)  2010/10/11

J.S.Lee, G.S.Chung, S.H.Hwang, K.S.Park

The Development of an Unconstrained Sensor for Simultaneous Acquisition of ECG and BCG during Sleep

S.H.Hwang, G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, K.S.Park

Sleep/Wake Estimation Only Using Electromyography

S.K.Kim, G.S.Chung, S.H.Hwang, H.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

Effect of Sleep Stages on Exhalation-Inhalation Time Ratio in Respiration

H.J.Baek, G.S.Chung, K.S.Park

Ubiquitous Healthcare House: Seven Years of Experience in Development, Implementation and Evaluation

G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, S.H.Hwang, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

Automatic Snoring Detection Algorithm Using Smart Phone

H.S.Jeon, S.K.Kim, W.J.Yi, B.S.Jeon, J.H.Han, K.S.Park

Gait Assessment for Parkinson’s Patients using Spatial-Temporal Image Correlation

S.M.Lee, E.K.Choi, S.I.Oh, K.S.Park

A Novel Method to Quantify Cardiac Autonomic Nerve Activity: Preliminary Study for Quantification of HRV

H.R.Ryu, M.W.Sung, K.S.Park, S.W.Kang

The Development and Application RTLS Based on RFID to Medical Check-up Center

K.H.Hong, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

Body Impedance Measurements using Capacitive-coupled Sensing Electrodes: A Preliminary Study

J.H.Shin, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

ECG Signal Monitoring from Plantar Areas using Capacitive Coupled Electrodes on the Clothes

H.J.Lee, S.M.Lee, K.M.Lee, K.S.Park

Detection Algorithm of Sleep Posture using Capacitive-Coupled Electrodes

K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, H.J.Lee, K.S.Park

Brachial Blood Pressure Monitoring Armband Using Pulse Arrival Time

S.Y.Sim, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park

Investigation of Measuring Core Body Temperature using Dual-Heat-Flux Thermometer

  EMBC 2010 (August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina)  2010/09/13

G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, S.H.Hwang, Y.K.Lim, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Wakefulness Estimation Only Using Ballistocardiogram: Nonintrusive Method for Sleep Monitoring

Y.G.Lim, G.S.Chung, K.S.Park

Capcitive Driven-right-leg Grounding in Indirect-contact ECG Measyrement

  15th World Congress of Psychophysiology (August 2010, Budapest, Hungary)  2010/08/30

G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, S.H.Hwang, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Abrupt increase in heart rate during the transition from non-REM sleep to wakefulness and its utility for estimating sleep stages

S.H.Hwang, J.S.Lee, G.S.Chung, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Estimation of cardiopulmonary coupling by ECG-derived respiration signals during sleep

  The 49th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (June 2010, Osaka, Japan)  2010/08/30

K.S.Park, K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, D.U.Jeong

Armband for Monitoring of Continuous Blood Pressure

  ITAB2009 (Nov 2009, Larnaca, Cyprus)  2009/10/12

J.S.Lee, G.S.Chung, H.J.Baek, Y.G.Lim, J.S.Lee, K.S.Park

A New Approach of Unconstrained Sleep Monitoring and Pulse Transit Time Extraction using PPG Pillow and CC-ECG Electrode System

M.H.Chang, H.S.Kim, J.H.Shin, K.S.Park

A Comparison of Text Reading Speed using Square and Rectangular Arrays for Visual Prosthesis

  uHealthcare2009 (Oct 2009, Osaka, Japan)  2009/10/07

H.J.Baek, H.S.Jeon and K.S.Park

A Support Vector Machine Approach for Detecting Driver's Stress State using Biological Signals during Real-World Driving Tasks

J.H.Shin, K.S.Park

Preliminary Study of Daily Activity Monitoring using Motion Sensors for Elderly People Living Alone

K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park

Can Arterial Blood Pressure be Estimated from Morphological Parameters of Electrocardiogram?

H.S.Jeon, S.K.Kim, J.H.Han, W.J.Yi, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

SVDD Application for Parkinsonian Gait Monitoring

  The 6th Congress of Asian Sleep Research Society (Oct 2009, Osaka, Japan)  2009/10/07


Noncontact home sleep monitoring system for cardiorespiratory and actigraphic signal


A new approach of unconstrained monitoring during sleep using PPG pillow system

  Computers in Cardiology 2009 (Sept 2009, Utah, USA)  2009/09/16

K.M.Lee, S.M.Lee, K.S.Sim, K.K.Kim and K.S.Park

Noise Reduction for Non-Contact Electrocardiogram Measurement in Daily Life

  EMBC 2009 (Sept 2009, Minnesota, USA)  2009/09/16


Nonintrusive Measurement of Biological Signals for Ubiquitous Healthcare

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