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  [2021]  2021/04/09

1.       D.Y.Son, H.B.Kwon, D.S.Lee, H.W.Jin, J.H.Jeong, J.H.Kim, S.H.Choi, H.N.Yoon,
M.H.Lee, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Changes in physiological network connectivity of body system in narcolepsy during REM sleep,
Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol. 136, Sep. 2021

2.       H.B.Kwon, D.Y.Son, D.S.Lee, H.N.Yoon, S.H.Choi, M.H.Lee, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park,

[SCIE] Hybrid CNN-LSTM Network for Real-Time Apnea-Hypopnea Event Detection Based on IR-UWB Radar,
IEEE Access, In press, 2021

3.       H.B.Kwon, S.H.Choi, D.S.Lee, D.Y.Son, H.N.Yoon, M.H.Lee, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park,

[SCIE] Attention-based LSTM for Non-Contact Sleep Stage Classification using IR-UWB Radar,
Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol. 25, No. 10, Oct. 2021

  [2020]  2020/03/04

1.       D.S.Lee, H.B.Kwon, H.J.Lee, C.H.Seo, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Optimal Lead Position in Patch-Type Monitoring Sensors for Reconstructing 12-Lead ECG Signals with Universal Transformation Coefficient,
Sensors, Vol.20, No.4, pp.963, Feb. 2020

2.       S.H.Choi, H.B.Kwon, H.W.Jin, H.N.Yoon, M.H.Lee, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Unconstrained Sleep Stage Classification using Polyvinylidene Fluoride Film Sensor,
Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.24, No.12, pp.3606-3615, Dec. 2020

3.       H.S.Eom, D.S.Lee, S.W.Han, Y.S.Hariyani, Y.G.Lim, I.S.Sohn, K.S.Park, C.S.Park

[SCIE] End-To-End Deep Learning Architecture for Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation Using Attention Mechanism,
Sensors, Vol.20, No.8, pp.2338, Apr. 2020

4.       S.H.Choi, H.B.Kwon, H.W.Jin, H.N.Yoon, M.H.Lee, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Closed-Loop Vibrational Stimulation Improves the Depth of Slow-wave Sleep and Declarative Memory Consolidation,
Sleep, zsaa285, Dec, 2020

5.       D.S.Lee, H.B.Kwon, D.Y.Son, H.S.Eom, C.S.Park, Y.G.Lim, C.H.Seo, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Beat-to-beat continuous blood pressure estimation using bidirectional long short-term memory network,
Sensors, Vol.21 No.1, pp.96, December. 2020

  [2019]  2019/01/05

1.     H.B.Kwon, H.Yoon, S.H.Choi, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Heart rate variability changes in major depressive disorder during sleep: fractal index correlates with BDI score during REM sleep,
Psychiatry Research, Vol. 271, pp. 291-298, Jan. 2019

2.     K.S.Park, S.H.Choi

Smart technologies toward sleep monitoring at home,
Biomedical Engineering Letters, pp. 1-13, Jan. 2019

3.     S.M.Oh, S.H.Choi, H.J.Kim, K.S.Park, Y.J.Lee

[SCIE] The association between obstructive sleep apnea during REM sleep and autonomic dysfunction as measured by heart rate variability,
Sleep and Breathing, pp. 1-7, Jan. 2019

4.     H.Yoon, S.H.Choi, S.K.Kim, H.B.Kwon, S.M.Oh, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Human heart rhythms synchronize while co-sleeping,
Frontiers in Physiology, Vol. 10, pp. 1-16, Mar. 2019

5.     J.H.Kim, J.S.Lee, C.M.Han, K.S.Park

[SCIE] An Instant donning multi-channel EEG headset (with comb-shaped dry electrodes) and BCI applications,
Sensors, Vol. 19, No. 7, Mar. 2019

6.     H.J.Baek, M.H.Chang, J.Heo, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Enhancing the usability of brain-computer interface systems,
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, Jun. 2019

7.     J.W.You, Y.J.Kim, W.J.Seok, S.M.Lee, D.G.Kim, K.S.Park, C.S.Park

[SCIE] Multivariate time-frequency analysis of electrohysterogram for classification of term and preterm labor,
Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology, Vol. 14, pp. 897-916, Mar. 2019

8.     K.S.Park, Toshiyo Tamura

Ubiquitous healthcare monitoring,
Biomedical Engineering Letters, Vol. 9, pp. 1-2, Feb. 2019

9.     J.H.Kim, D.S.Sung, M.J.Koh, J.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Electrocardiogram authentication method robust to dynamic morphological conditions,
IET Biometrics, Vol. 8, pp. 401-410, Nov. 2019

10.     D.S.Sung, S.Y.Sim, H.W.Jin, W.Y.Kwon, K.S.Kim, T.G.Kim. Y.S.Jung, J.I.Ko, S.M.Shin,
G.J.Suh, K.S.Park
[SCI] Validation of Non-invasive Brain Temperature Estimation Models during Swine Therapeutic Hypothermia,
Physiological Measurement, Vol. 40, No. 2, 025004 (12pp), Feb. 2019

11.     S.H.Choi, H.Yoon, H.W.Jin, H.B.Kwon, S.M.Oh, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Effect of closed-loop vibration stimulation on heart rhythm during naps,
Sensors, Vol. 19, pp. 4136, Sep. 2019

  [2018]  2018/01/24

1.       H.N.Yoon, S.H.Hwang, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Slow-wave Sleep Estimation for Healthy Subjects and OSA Patients Using R-R Intervals ,
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.22, No.1, pp. 119-128, Jan. 2018

2.       H.N.Yoon, S.H.Hwang, S.H.Choi, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Wakefulness evaluation during sleep for healthy subjects and OSA patients using a patch-type device,
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Vol.155, pp. 127-138, Mar. 2018

3.       D.W.Jung, S.H.Hwang, J.G.Cho, B.H.Choi, H.H.Baek, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Real-Time Automatic Apneic Event Detection Using Nocturnal Pulse Oximetry,
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol.65, No.3, pp. 706-712, Mar. 2018

4.       H.B.Kim, W.W.Lee, A.R.Kim, H.J.Lee, H.Y.Park, H.S.Jeon, S.K.Kim, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

[SCI] Wrist Sensor-Based Tremor Severity Quantification in Parkinson’s Disease using Convolutional Neural Network,
Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol.95, pp. 140-146, Apr. 2018

5.       S.H.Hong, H.B.Kwon, S.H.Choi, K.S.Park

[SCI] Intelligent system for drowsiness recognition based on ear canal electroencephalography with photoplethysmography and electrocardiography,
Information Sciences, Vol. 453, pp.302-322, Jul. 2018

6.       S.Hong, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Unobtrusive Photoplethysmographic Monitoring Under the Foot Sole while in a Standing Posture,
Sensors, Vol.18, No.10, 3239, Sep. 2018

7.       S.H.Choi, H.Yoon, H.S.Kim, H.B.Kim, H.B.Kwon, S.M.Oh, Y.J.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Real-time apnea-hyponea event detection during sleep by convolutional neural networks,
Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol. 100, pp. 123-131, Sep. 2018

8.       H.B.Kim, H.J.Lee, W.W.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.S.Jeon, H.Y.Park, C.W.Shin, W.J.Lee, B.S.Jeon,
[SCI] Validation of Freezing-of-Gait Monitoring Using Smartphone,
Telemedicine & e-Health, Vol.24, No.11, pp. 899-907, Nov. 2018

9.       H.N.Yoon, S.H.Choi, H.B.Kwon, S.K.Kim, S.H.Hwang, S.M.Oh, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong,
[SCI] Sleep-Dependent Directional Coupling of Cardiorespiratory System in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea,
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol.65, No.12, pp.2847-2854, Dec. 2018

  [2017]  2017/03/16

1.       S.H.Hwang, S.W.Seo, H.N.Yoon, D.W.Jung, H.J.Baek, J.G.Cho, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee,
D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park
[SCI] Sleep Period Time Estimation Based on Electrodermal Activity,
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.21, No.1, pp. 115-122, Jan. 2017

2.       D.W.Jung, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Apnea-Hypopnea Index Prediction Through an Assessment of Autonomic Influence on Heart Rate in Wakefulness,
Physiology & Behavior, Vol.169, pp. 9-15, Feb. 2017

3.       D.W.Jung, S.H.Hwang, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Apnea-Hypopnea index prediction using electrocardiogram acquired during sleep-onset period,
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol.64, No.2, pp.295-301, Feb. 2017

4.       S.Y.Sim, K.M.Joo, H.B.Kim, S.J.Jang, B.O.Kim, S.B.Hong, S.W.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Estimation of circadian body temperature rhythm based on heart rate in healthy, ambulatory subjects,
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.21, No.2, pp. 407-415, Mar. 2017

5.       H.N.Yoon, S.H.Hwang, J.W.Choi, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] REM sleep estimation based on autonomic dynamics using R-R intervals*,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.38, No.4, pp.631-651, Mar. 2017

* This paper has been selected as part of the Physiological Measurement Highlights of 2017

6.       J.Heo, H.J.Baek, S.H.Hong, M.H.Chang, J.S.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Music and natural sounds in an auditory steady-state response based brain–computer interface to increase user acceptance,
Computers in biology and medicine, Vol.84, pp.45-52, May 2017

7.       D.W.Jung, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] New Predictors of Sleep Efficiency,
Chronobiology International, Vol.34, No.1, pp.93-104, 2017

8.       J.Heo, H.N.Yoon, K.S.Park

[SCIE] A Novel Wearable Forehead EOG Measurement System for Human Computer Interfaces,
Sensors, Vol.17, No.7, 1485, Jun. 2017

9.       H.J.Lee, D.S.Lee, H.B.Kwon, D.Y.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Reconstruction of 12-lead ECG using a Single-Patch Device,
Methods of Information in Medicine, Vol.56, No.4, pp.319-327, 2017

10.       H.S.Jeon, W.W.Lee, H.Y.Park, H.J.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.B.Kim, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

[SCI] High-accuracy automatic classification of Parkinsonian tremor severity using machine learning methods ,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.38, No. 11, Oct. 2017

11.       H.S.Jeon, W.W.Lee, H.Y.Park, H.J.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.B.Kim, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Automatic Classification of Tremor Severity in Parkinson's Disease Using a Wearable Device ,
Sensors, Vol.17, 2067, Sep. 2017

12.       H.S.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Spatiotemporal Pixelization to Increase the Recognition Score of Characters for Retinal Prostheses ,
Sensors, Vol.17, 2439, Oct. 2017

  [2016]  2015/12/16

1.       M.H.Chang, J.S.Lee, J.Heo, K.S.Park

[SCI] Eliciting dual-frequency SSVEP using a hybrid SSVEP-P300 BCI,
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Vol.258, pp.104-113, Jan. 2016

2.       H.J.Lee, W.W.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.Y.Park, H.S.Jeon, H.B.Kim, B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park

[SCI] Tremor frequency characteristics in Parkinson's disease under resting-state and stress-state conditions,
Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Vol.362, pp.272-277, Mar. 2016

3.       S.J.Kwon, D.S.Lee, J.H.Kim, Y.K.Lee, S.W.Kang, S.W.Seo, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Sinabro: Smartphone-integrated Opportunistic Electrocardiogram Monitoring System,
Sensors, Vol.16, No.3, 361, Mar. 2016

4.       W.K.Lee, H.N.Yoon, C.M.Han, K.M.Joo, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Physiological Signal Monitoring Bed for Infants based on Load-Cell Sensors,
Sensors, Vol.16, No.3, 409, Mar. 2016

5.       D.W.Jung, S.H.Hwang, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Apnea–hypopnea index estimation using quantitative analysis of sleep macrostructure,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.37, No.4, pp.554-563, Mar. 2016

6.       S.Y.Sim†, M.J.Koh†, K.M.Joo, S.W.Noh, S.Y.Park, Y.H.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Estimation of thermal sensation based on wrist skin temperatures,
Sensors, Vol.16, No.4, 420, Mar. 2016

7.       W.K.Lee, H.N.Yoon, K.S.Park

[SCI] Smart ECG Monitoring Patch with Built-in R-Peak Detection for Long-Term HRV Analysis,
Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Vol.44, No.7, pp. 2292-2301, Jul. 2016

8.       Y.J.Kim, J.Heo, K.S.Park, S.W.Kim

[SCI] Proposition of novel classification approach and features for improved real-time arrhythmia monitoring,
Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol.75, pp. 190-202, Aug. 2016

9.       D.W.Jung, S.H.Hwang, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Oxygen Desaturation Index Estimation through Unconstrained Cardiac Sympathetic Activity Assessment Using Three Ballistocardiographic Systems,
Respiration, Vol.92, pp. 90-97, Sep. 2016

10.       S.H.Hwang, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Unconstrained sleep stage estimation based on respiratory dynamics and body movement,
Methods of Information in Medicine, Vol.55, pp. 545-555, Dec. 2016

  [2015]  2015/03/02

1.       J.S.Lee, Y.G.Lim, S.J.Kwon, K.S.Park

[SCI] Non-contact blink detection glasses utilising transparent conductive film for binary communication,
Electronics Letters, Vol.51, No.5, pp.382-384, Mar. 2015

2.       H.J.Lee, S.H.Hwang, H.N.Yoon, W.K.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Heart Rate Variability Monitoring during Sleep Based on Capacitively Coupled Textile Electrodes on a Bed,
Sensors, Vol.15, No.5, pp.11295-11311, May 2015

3.       H.J.Lee, S.K.Kim, H.Y.Park, H.B.Kim, H.S.Jeon, Y.J.Jung, E.S.Oh, H.J.Kim, J.Y.Yun,
B.S.Jeon, K.S.Park
[SCIE] Clinicians' Tendencies to Under-Rate Parkinsonian Tremors in the Less Affected Hand,
PLoS One, Vol.10, No.6, pp.1-9, Jun. 2015

4.       O.T.Inan, P.F.Migeotte, K.S.Park, M.Etemadi, K.Tavakolian, R.Casanella, J.Zanetti, J.Tank,
I.Funtova, G.K.Prisk, M.D.Rienzo
[SCI] Ballistocardiography and Seismocardiography: A Review of Recent Advances,
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.19, No.4, pp.1414-1427, Jul. 2015

5.       S.H.Hwang, C.M.Han, H.N.Yoon, D.W.Jung, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Polyvinylidene Fluoride Sensor-based Method for Unconstrained Snoring Detection,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.36, No.7, pp.1399-1414, Jul. 2015

6.       S.Y.Sim, K.M.Joo, K.S.Park

[SCI] Use of Finite Element Analysis to Optimize Probe Design for Double Sensor Method-based Thermometer,
Journal of Thermal Biology, Vol.52, No.1, pp.67-74, Aug. 2015

7.       J.S.Lee, C.M.Han, J.H.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Reversed-curve-arch-shaped dry EEG electrode for increased skin-electrode contact area on hairy scalps,
Electronics Letters, Vol.51, No.21, pp.1643-1645, Oct. 2015

8.       H.S.Kim, S.Y.Kim, Y.H.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCIE] A Smartphone-Based Automatic Diagnosis System for Facial Nerve Palsy,
Sensors, Vol.15, No.10, pp.25756-26768, Oct. 2015

  [2014]  2014/01/28

1.       S.Noh, C.Yoon, E.Hyun, H.N.Yoon, T.J.Chung, K.S.Park, H.C.Kim

[SCI] Ferroelectret film-based patch-type sensor for continuous blood pressure monitoring (Featured Article),
Electronics Letters, Vol.50, No.1, pp.143-144, Jan. 2014

2.       D.W.Jung, S.H.Hwang, H.N.Yoon, Y.J.G.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Nocturnal awakening and sleep efficiency estimation using unobtrusively measured ballistocardiogram,
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol.61, No.1, pp.131-138, Jan. 2014

3.       Y.K.Lim, K.S.Park

The Effect of Short-term Bed-rest on Radial Pulse in Healthy Subjects,
Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, Vol.7, No.3, pp.133-139, Jun. 2014

4.       M.H.Chang, H.J.Baek, S.M.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] An Amplitude-modulated Visual Stimulation for Reducing Eye Fatigue in SSVEP-based Brain-computer Interfaces,
Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol.125, No.7, pp.1380-1391, Jul. 2014

5.       S.H.Hwang, H.J.Lee, H.N.Yoon, D.W.Jung, Y.J.G.Lee, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Unconstrained Sleep Apnea Monitoring Using Polyvinylidene Fluoride Film-Based Sensor,
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol.61, No.7, pp.2125-2134, Jul. 2014

6.       J.H.Lee, S.M.Lee, H.J.Byeon, J.S.Hong, K.S.Park, S.H.Lee

[SCIE] CNT/PDMS-based canal-typed ear electrodes for inconspicuous EEG recording,
Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol.11, No.4, 046014, Aug. 2014

7.       J.S.Lee, J.Heo, W.K.Lee, Y.G.Lim, Y.H.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Flexible Capacitive Electrodes for Minimizing Motion Artifacts in Ambulatory Electrocardiograms,
Sensors, Vol.14, No.8, pp.14732-14743, Aug. 2014

8.       S.Y.Park, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park, Y.C.Kim

[SCI] Photoplethysmographic signals to predict the success of lumbar sympathetic blockade for lower extremity pain,
Journal of International Medical Research, Vol.42, No.4, pp.938-948, Aug. 2014

9.       Y.G.Lim, J.S.Lee, S.M.Lee, H.J.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Capacitive Measurement of ECG for Ubiquitous Healthcare,
Annals of Biomedical Engineering , Vol.42, No.11, pp.2218-2227, Nov. 2014

10.       S.J.Kwon, J.H.Kim, S.W.Kang, Y.K.Lee, H.J.Baek, K.S.Park

[SCI] CardioGuard: A Brassiere-based Reliable ECG Monitoring Sensor System for Supporting Daily Smartphone Healthcare Applications,
Telemedicine and e-Health, Vol.20, No.12, pp.1093-1102, Dec. 2014

  [2013]  2013/02/12

1.       H.J.Baek, H.S.Kim, J.Heo, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Brain-computer interfaces using capacitive measurement of visual or auditory steady-state responses,
Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol.10, No.2, 024001, Apr. 2013

2.       D.W.Jung, S.H.Hwang, G.S.Chung, Y.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Estimation of Sleep Onset Latency based on the Blood Pressure Regulatory Reflex Mechanism,
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.17, No.3, pp.539-544, May 2013

3.       S.M.Lee, J.H.Kim, H.J.Byeon, Y.Y.Choi, K.S.Park, S.H.Lee

[SCIE] A capacitive, biocompatible and adhesive electrode for long-term and cap-free monitoring of EEG signals,
Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol.10, No.3, 036006, Jun. 2013

4.       H.J.Baek, H.J.Lee, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

Comparison of pre-amplifier topologies for use in brain-computer interface with capacitively-coupled EEG electrodes,
Biomedical Engineering Letters, Vol.3, No.3, pp.158-169, Sep. 2013

5.       H.J.Lee, S.H.Hwang, S.M.Lee, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Estimation of Body Postures on Bed Using Unconstrained ECG Measurements,
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.17, No.6, pp.985-993, Nov. 2013

  [2012]  2012/05/21

1.       H.J.Baek, G.S.Chung, K.K.Kim, K.S.Park

[SCI] A Smart Health Monitoring Chair for Nonintrusive Measurement of Biological Signals,
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol.16, No.1, pp.150-158, Jan. 2012

2.       S.M.Lee, E.K.Choi, G.S.Chung, S.I.Oh, K.S.Park

[SCI] Quantification of cardiac autonomic nervous activities in ambulatory dogs by eliminating cardiac electric activities using cubic smoothing spline,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.33, No.2, pp.131-145, Feb. 2012

3.       S.H.Hwang, G.S.Chung, J.S.Lee, J.H.Shin, S.J.Lee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Sleep/wake estimation using only anterior tibialis electromyography data,
BioMedical Engineering Online, Vo.11, No.26, pp.1-15, May 2012

4.       K.K.Kim, H.J.Baek, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Effect of missing RR-interval data on nonlinear heart rate variability analysis ,
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Vol.106, No.3, pp.210-218, Jun. 2012

5.       K.H.Hong, S.M.Lee, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Measuring Skin Conductance over Clothes,
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, Vol.50, No.11, pp.1155-1161, Jul. 2012

6.       M.H.Chang, H.S.Kim, J.H.Shin, K.S.Park

[SCIE] Facial identification in very low resolution images simulating prosthetic vision,
Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol.9, No.4, 046012, Aug. 2012

7.       H.J.Baek, H.J.Lee, Y.G.Lim, K.S.Park

[SCI] Conductive Polymer Foam Surface Improves the Performance of a Capacitive EEG Electrode,
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol.59, No.12, pp.3422-3431, Dec. 2012

8.       Y.G.Cho, S.M.Lee, E.K.Choi, H.E.Park, K.S.Park, S.I.Oh

[SCI] Posterior Body Surface Potential Mapping Using Capacitive-Coupled Electrodes and Its Application,
Journal of Korean Medical Science, Vol.27, No.12, pp.1517-1523, Dec. 2012

9.       J.M.Seo, K.H.Kim, Y.S.Goo, K.S.Park, S.J.Kim, D.I.Cho, H.Chung

[SCIE] Vision Rehabilitation by Electrical Retinal Stimulation: Review of Microelectrode Approaches,
Sensors and Materials, Vol.24, No.4, pp.153-164, 2012

  [2011]  2011/02/16

1.       Y.G.Lim, K.H.Hong, K.K.Kim, J.H.Shin, S.M.Lee, G.S.Chung, H.J.Baek, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

Monitoring Physiological Signals using Nonintrusive Sensors Installed in Daily Life Equipment ,
Biomedical Engineering Letters, Vol.1, No.1, pp.11-20, Feb. 2011

2.       J.H.Shin, B.R.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Detection of Abnormal Living Patterns for Eldly Living Alone using Support Vector Data Description ,
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol.15, No.3, pp.438-448, May 2011

3.       J.H.Shin, S.H.Hwang, M.H.Chang, K.S.Park

[SCI] Heart rate variability analysis using a ballistocardiogram during Valsalva manoeuvre and post exercise,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.32, No.8, pp.1239-1264, Aug. 2011

  [2010]  2009/12/12

1.       H.J.Baek, K.K.Kim, J.S.Kim, B.R.Lee, K.S.Park

[SCI] Enhancing the estimation of blood pressure using pulse arrival time and two confounding factors,
Physiological Measurement, Vol.31, No.2, pp.145-157, 2010

2.       J.H.Shin, Y.J.Chee, D.U.Jeong, K.S.Park

[SCI] Nonconstrained Sleep Monitoring System and Algorithms using Air-mattress with Balancing Tube Method,
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol.14, No.1, pp.147-156, 2010

3.       M.J.Park, J.M.Seo, K.S.Park

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